10 Reasons to Love a Winter Wedding

If your summer wedding may have to be postponed this year, here are some of our favourite reasons to get married in the winter instead!

1. There's a chance you could have magical winter wedding weather if it snows! Imagine the pictures!!

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2. It’s more unique and unexpected which stops your guests getting wedding fatigue from going to weddings all summer long! Plus it gives everyone something to look forward to during a quieter period.

3. Better supplier availability as there are fewer weddings in winter so you can snag your favourite photographer or cake maker with the potential to save money as well as it is off-peak season.

4. Darker evenings mean more opportunities for magical lighting which creates an amazing atmosphere.

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5. Guests are more likely to be available to attend as they are less likely to have holidays booked or be busy with other plans compared to the summer holidays.

6. Venues are already likely to be decorated for Christmas, which adds extra decoration for less cost and looks amazing!

7. It gives you plenty of festive themes for your inspiration, such as a Fairy-Tale Winter Wonderland with glam and icy elements or perhaps you love the cosiness of the Danish concept of 'Hygge' with warm drinks around a fire in a rural barn.

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8. This is the perfect opportunity to embrace seasonal comfort food – any excuse for a second Christmas Dinner!!

9. It gives you the chance to wear a stunning dress cover-up – we stock lots of beautiful faux fur wraps, lace jackets and even chiffon capes that are giving us major Ice Queen vibes.

10. Finally...your honeymoon will be even more enjoyable if you’re jetting off to somewhere warm in the winter!